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You see water, we see a runway...

Welcome onboard for an unforgettable flying adventure

An Unforgettable Flying Adventure

Namaste India!

Welcome to Maritime Energy Heli Air services Pvt Ltd (MEHAIR), India's premier seaplane company. Operating from both runways and water, our seaplanes promise you an unforgettable flying adventure of a lifetime! Experience breathtaking views and reduced travel time as we revolutionize travel.

With a harmonious fusion of air, water, and land, each flight aims to delight your senses. Discover hidden gems and untouched beauty, creating unforgettable memories. Come onboard; we just made the world a little smaller.

India - Embracing the Seaplane Revolution

MEHAIR's seaplane service has taken travelers on unforgettable journeys to captivating destinations, making a remarkable impact on India's travel arena. Whether it's a vacation or a staycation, our seaplanes offer an exceptional travel experience.

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Thank you for all the love!!

I had the privilege of using Mehair services in Port Blair while travelling to Havelock Islands. It was my first seaplane flight and was an experience of a lifetime. The takeoff and landing on seawater was exhilarating and the view from the seaplane flying over water and beautiful Andaman islands was breathtaking. Truly a flight of dreams and memories will linger on throughout my life.

Rahul Bhatkoti,
Chief Airport Officer, Lucknow International Airport

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Waterdrome Survey & Certification

Leveraging its extensive expertise and experience in waterdromes, MEHAIR provides comprehensive assistance to customers, facilitating the acquisition of waterdrome certifications on turnkey basis and enabling the seamless launch of seaplane operations.

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