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Invest with Us

Invest in the greatest small plane opportunity in the world.

A business model which is Sustainable, Scalable, Profitable.

MEHAIR stands at the forefront of a burgeoning sunrise industry in India, pioneering unique and tailored solutions for 'last mile' connectivity. Our operations delve into niches brimming with immense potential for both profitability and scale.

Soar with MEHAIR: Invest in India's Thriving Aviation Industries.
Here's why:

First Mover Advantage

Pioneers of seaplane operations in India

Strong Brand Recall

Synonymous with seaplanes.

Experienced Management

Seasoned leadership with a wealth of knowledge.

Huge Untapped Opportunity:

Operating in a booming market.

Diversified Portfolio

Bespoke and turnkey solutions for seaplanes, wheeled, hydrogen powered and eVTOL aircraft for diverse market needs.

Sufficient Qualified Manpower

A skilled and experienced workforce.

Empowering Professionals:

In-House Training and Induction programs for Ground Support, TRTO, and FTO.

Sustainable Practices for Long-Term Growth:

Green Aviation Initiatives for long-term business success through emerging and cutting edge Green Aviation technologies.

International Collaborations

Strategic partnerships with OEMs to enhance capability.

Business at Take-off Phase

Massive business in hand. Positioned for exponential growth.

Embrace the Future of Flight

Partner with Us

Join the Movement: Be a part of our commitment to innovation, growth, and sustainable aviation.

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