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India's Premier Seaplane Company

Come, Live the Experience

Welcome to MEHAIR - From 5 stars to a million stars..... we are your bridge!

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Proud Pioneers of Seaplane Services and Sustainable Aviation in India

Introducing MEHAIR, India's pioneering seaplane service, sustainable aviation delivering an unparalleled travel experience. Seamlessly transitioning between runways and waterways, our amphibian aircraft provide swift, serene, and enchanting flights over breathtaking landscapes. The remote vacation destinations are just a few minutes away now as you enjoy a bird's eye perspective of the terrain before gracefully descending onto the tranquil waves. Experience the true meaning of 'poetry in motion' with MEHAIR.

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When Air, Water and Earth meet

India's first and only amphibian aircraft fleet.

Our amphibian aircraft effortlessly bridge the gap between runways and your dream destinations by the sea, offering a truly unforgettable experience of comfort, style, and adventure.

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With its exceptional fleet of amphibian aircraft, MEHAIR brings a new level of excitement and advantage to tourists. These aircraft possess the remarkable ability to seamlessly transition between land and water, offering unparalleled access to new destinations.

Whether it's landing on serene lakes, exploring hidden coastal gems, or reaching remote islands, MEHAIR's amphibian aircraft unlock a world of extraordinary experiences, providing tourists with an unmatched sense of adventure and the opportunity to discover hidden wonders that traditional aircraft cannot reach.

Meet Our Team

Our dedicated team of experienced Air Crew, including pilots and skilled Aircraft Engineers form the backbone of our operations, working tirelessly to prioritize safety and reliability in every flight.

With the advantage of our Air Crew's extensive experience in operating seaplanes across diverse locations and challenging environments worldwide, we assure you a journey that is not only comfortable but also secure and memorable. Their overall efforts and experience ensure that our aircraft are maintained to the highest standards of safety and performance.

With a pioneering spirit, our management team has spearheaded the seaplane services in India and successfully launched multiple rotary and fixed-wing aircraft, including exceptional seaplanes. This collective team of experts forms an unbeatable force, dedicated to ensuring the utmost safety and creating unforgettable experiences for your flights.

Service Offerings

MEHAIR boasts a team of seasoned professionals who possess extensive expertise in providing comprehensive services related to the launch and operation of seaplane services in India. These include:

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Waterdrome Feasibility Studies

1. Conducting feasibility studies of proposed water bodies to determine their suitability for seaplane services.

2. Carrying out basic topographic surveys and mapping of terrain to plan the layout for take-off and landing stretches, passenger facilities, and security areas.

3. Evaluating refuelling options/bunkering and identifying ramps for maintenance and overnight parking.

4. Assessing the feasibility of operating seaplane services in terms of obstructions, air traffic routes, and seaplane corridors around busy airports.


Infrastructure and Waterdrome Licensing:

1. Designing and establishing waterdrome infrastructure, encompassing passenger facilities, jetties, boats, fueling provisions etc.

2. Facilitating the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) audit of the waterdrome.

3. Conducting test flights to secure the waterdrome license from the DGCA.

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Flying Operations

1. Identifying and evaluating aircraft for the proposed operation.

2. Conducting technical audits and obtaining necessary clearances for the aircraft.

3. Hiring and obtaining security clearances for the crew.

4. Launching commercial operations and providing ongoing oversight.

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